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 TOKYU REIT pursues enhancement of asset value and profit growth over the medium to long term through “investment in highly competitive properties in areas with strong growth potential” based on asset management that seeks growth, stability and transparency, with an ultimate objective of maximizing unitholder value.
 The basic investment management strategy which TOKYU REIT has upheld since its listing in 2003 is the “Capital Reinvestment Model,” which aims for ceaseless value enhancement of the portfolio and investment target area through collaboration with the sponsor.
 Tokyu Corporation, the sponsor, has been striving since its foundation for sustainable urban development by pressing ahead with both solving social issues and growing businesses while balancing its public and private natures with development of public transportation and residential areas along the Tokyu railway lines as its two pillars.
 TOKYU REIT will achieve enhancement of asset value of the portfolio and profit growth over the medium to long term by pursuing ceaseless value enhancement in investment target areas through sponsor collaboration in line with stages of life of property in investment target areas which include areas along the Tokyu railway lines covered by the sponsor.
 Furthermore, in implementing also the “Long-Term Investment Management Strategy (Surf Plan),” which focuses on the medium- to long-term cyclicality of real estate prices, TOKYU REIT will work on sustainable investment management emphasizing growth potential and stability to be a “100-year REIT (a REIT that continues to grow over 100 years).”
 In order to pursue sustainable investment management, “ESG (Environment, Social and Governance)” and “SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals)” are important management challenges. TOKYU REIT has identified its material issues (materiality) from the recognition of their importance for our stakeholders surrounding TOKYU REIT and Tokyu REIM as well as for the economy, society and environment, and promote measures to solve such issues.
 As TOKYU REIT and Tokyu REIM continue to advance contribution to realize a sustainable society while aiming for enhancement of portfolio value and maximization of unitholder value by establishing a good relationship with stakeholders through dialogue and contribution to value enhancement in investment target areas, your continued support is greatly appreciated.

March 2020

Kazuyoshi Kashiwazaki
Executive Director