Strategy for Recruiting and Retaining Talent

Basic Approach
Recognizing that human resources are the cornerstone of asset management, Tokyu REIM focuses on the following key points with the aim of deploying and developing appropriate human resources in terms of both quality” and “quantity,” thereby strengthening its organizational capabilities to pursue optimal profit for customers.

(1)Honesty and ethics
(2)In-depth knowledge of investment target areas and real estate and the capacity to make judgments backed by insight
(3)Ability to communicate effectively with stakeholders

Talent Acquisition Strategy
In addition to recruiting exceptional talent externally, Tokyu REIM receives personnel with highly specialized expertise, leaders with management skills that will improve the organization’s productivity, and transferred younger personnel with an interest in the real estate business from its sponsor Tokyu Corporation and others. It also seeks to strengthen its organizational capabilities through measures such as hiring officers and employees who previously left the company for personal reasons, gained experience at another company, and now want to use their skills at Tokyu REIM.

Talent Development

  • Performance Evaluation and Feedback System
    Meetings between supervisors and their reports are held at least twice a year for all full-time employees. The company establishes a transparent target-setting, evaluation, and feedback system that provides feedback on employee performance during the period, discusses personal career development, and creates opportunities to discuss employee preferences, etc., thereby enabling mutual understanding.

<Evaluation Process>

  • Conducting Various Types of Training
    Tokyu REIM’s HR vision is to “strengthen organizational capabilities through talent development,” and it conducts various types of training with the aim of enhancing engagement company-wide and improving employees’ specialized knowledge and skills.

    Compliance training (also for related personnel at PM companies and sponsor who are interested)
    For the purpose of improving compliance awareness for all officers and employees (including temporary employee) and instilling basic knowledge, as well as deepening understanding of the compliance department’s viewpoint and nurturing the ability to independently consider and address applicable issues faced in their work, Tokyu REIM invites external instructors to conduct compliance training for personnel at various levels.

    Please refer to this page, about compliance training topics.

    ・Sustainability training
    For the purpose of further promoting ESG measures by improving ESG awareness for all officers and employees (including temporary employees) and instilling basic knowledge, Tokyu REIM invites external instructors to conduct sustainability training.

    Sustainability training (2022)

    ・Training by level (all full-time employees, excluding seconded personnel) 
    ※Seconded personnel take training at their parent company
    Based on the skills and requirements for each level, appropriate external training tailored to individual employees is conducted after identifying individual strengths and issues and holding discussions with their supervisor.

    ・Training for managers 
    External training is conducted for newly appointed full-time managers (excluding seconded personnel) that enables them to acquire the management skills required for their position, such as the ability to lead and develop their reports, business administration capabilities, and risk management abilities.

    25-year-old training 
    External training is conducted for full-time employees who are around 25 years old (excluding seconded personnel) that teaches them about issues they are liable to face and measures for addressing them and to set targets for the future after reviewing their attitude to work.

    New employee training
    External training is conducted for new employees for the purpose of providing general knowledge and information, learning about the right attitude toward one’s work and the behavior expected in the workplace, and acquiring the knowledge and skills required for starting the job.

    Programs by external specialist organizations
    Tokyu REIM uses the ARES Certified Master program, which is an education program provided by the Association for Real Estate Securitization enabling participants to learn specialized practical knowledge about real estate and the finance field in a systematic manner. Tokyu REIM covers all costs associated with acquiring this qualification, as well as providing support such as covering expenses relating to improving specialized skills, such as attending training or seminars for holders of the qualification, with the aim of enhancing talent development.

    Tokyu Group Training
    Tokyu REIM dispatches interested officers and employees to attend training held by the sponsor Tokyu Corporation or various Tokyu Group companies, such as Tokyu Group talent network workshops, WE (women’s empowerment) seminars, and real estate talent development programs.

    New employee training for mid-career hires and compliance training for new employees
    Training is conducted for newly hired officers and employees when joining the company. Compliance training for new hires explains the Tokyu REIM Compliance Manual that stipulates conduct, practices, procedures, etc. for all officers and employees (including temporary employees), as well as striving to enhance new hires’ awareness of compliance.

Status of Attending Training Class at Tokyu REIM (Note 1) > 

Item FY2020 FY2021 FY2022
Officer/employee attendance rate
(Note 2)
95.6% 95.6% 100%
Annual hours per person
(Note 3)
9.9 hours 18.1 hours
20.0 hours
Annual training costs
(Note 4)
2,107 thousand yen 2,661 thousand yen 3,409 thousand yen

(Note 1) The number of officers and employees includes temporary employees and excludes employees on maternity or childcare leave.
(Note 2) Calculated by dividing the number of officers and employees who received training during each fiscal year by the number of officers and employees in the company at the end of each fiscal year.
(Note 3) Calculated by dividing the total number of hours of training during each fiscal year by the number of officers and employees in the company at the end of each fiscal year.
(Note 4) The amount recorded as expenses for employee training and education in each fiscal year.

  • Support for the acquisition of qualifications
    Supported self-development of officers and employees with enhanced subsidy programs for acquiring and maintaining qualifications (all officers and employees).

<Total number of people who utilized the subsidy programs for acquiring and maintaining qualifications>

FY2017 FY2018 FY2019 FY2020 FY2021 FY2022
10 24 27 13 12

<Major qualifications>as of Jan. 31, 2024

◆Tokyu Corporation's HR Strategy and Training
Our sponsor Tokyu Corporation has set "maximizing corporate value by supporting the optimization of individuals as a reform driver" as its human resource strategy in its medium-term management plan starting in fiscal 2021. One specific initiative is its personnel development program with three pillars: development of group management personnel, support for independent career development and development of specialized staff.

Please refer to this page, about more information on Tokyu Corporation's HR development.

Developing an Employee-Friendly Work Environment

 Tokyu REIM engages in various initiatives aimed at fostering a healthy organizational culture and work environment.

  • Internal System Able to Accommodate Flexible Work Styles
    Tokyu REIM seeks to promote work-life balance, enhances its programs for maternity, childcare, and nursing care leave, etc., and engages in environmental development so that each officer and employee will continue to be passionate about their work.

※Seconded personnel are covered by their parent company’s system

<Other Initiatives >
Making “taking 5 consecutive business days off” mandatory
Promoted utilization of IT such as online meetings
Promoted the use of NewWork (Note) (satellite office) 

 (Note) Jointly used satellite shared office for corporations operated by Tokyu Corporation. 

  • Activities for elderly Employees
    Tokyu REIM has introduced a system for rehiring officers and employees aged 60 and above. When rehiring elderly employees, an interview is conducted, and efforts are made to accommodate a work style suited to the individual’s work preferences. It is also possible for rehired personnel to use the same leave programs and qualification acquisition programs as other officers and employees.

  • Employee Satisfaction Survey
    As part of its efforts to create an employee-friendly work environment for all officers and employees and build favorable relationships between workers and the company, Tokyu REIM conducts a survey of all officers and employees (including temporary employees) (FY2023 response rate: 85.4%).
    Feedback is also provided to officers and employees regarding the survey results, which are used to promote the establishment of a more favorable work environment, such as considering ongoing improvements.

    Examples of Initiatives
    Switched to high-performance PCs
    Installed monitors in internal meeting rooms
    Implemented renovation work of the office space at the Investment Management Company with an aim to promote communication and improve comfort
    ・Replacing company smartphones

  • Benefits
    In collaboration with Tokyu Corporation, in addition to legally mandated benefits (statutory benefits) such as a health insurance plan, Tokyu REIM provides its own benefits (non-statutory benefits) to enhance the welfare of officers/employees and their families.

<Main Benefits>

Seconded personnel are covered by their parent company’s system

Examples of mutual aid association programs:
1.Medical and healthcare subsidies
  Medical benefits and health screening subsidies
2.Gift money (congratulatory or condolence money)
  Various celebratory money (for marriage, childbirth, school enrollment, etc.) and disaster relief benefits
3.Subsidized leisure activities
  Subsidies for designated recreation facilities (for lodging and other expenses at designated facilities)
  and fee discounts at preferred facilities

  • Health of officers and employees
    Holding of health committee(Once a month
    ・Consultations with officers/employees and site visits by occupational physicians
    Paying for the entire amount of flu vaccination expenses
  • Handling of Harassment, Etc.
    Believing that the company has a responsibility to ensure a healthy, harassment-free work environment, Tokyu REIM has created an Anti-Harassment Policy. This policy, which applies to all officers and employees (including temporary employees), stipulates disciplinary measures, the establishment of a consultation desk, and procedures for handling any consultations or grievances.

    Harassment-related consultation desk
    All officers and employees (including temporary employees) may consult or file a grievance with the person in charge of the consultation desk, and when deemed applicable, appropriate measures will be taken, such as measures to support the victim, discipline the perpetrator and prevention of recurrence. When dealing with consultations or grievances, the privacy of the concerned parties must be protected, and in addition to the consulting party, any officers and employees who assisted in verifying the relevant facts must not be treated in a disadvantageous manner. 

    ・Compliance consultation desk
    Please refer to this page, about Compliance Consultation Desk.

DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion)-Related Initiatives

 In the Sustainability Policy that it created in 2022, Tokyu REIM states that, based on its awareness that human resources are the cornerstone of asset management, it will respect the diversity of officers and employees and strive to create a flexible work environment that allows employees to choose different work styles enabling each individual to make full use of their abilities, as well as aim to improve organizational capabilities through proactive talent development. It is making efforts to develop a work environment where every officer and employee can make full use of their skills and feel passionate about their work, regardless of age, nationality, gender, values, disability status, etc.

DEI Promotion Structure
Based on the commitment of its Representative Director & President, Chief Executive Officer, Tokyu REIM pursues DEI-related initiatives in which the General Administration Division plays a central role, with the General Manager, General Administration as the person in charge. The details of these are also reported to and discussed by the Sustainability Promotion Committee as needed.

Set Targets and Results
Tokyu REIM has set targets for the paid leave usage rate and childcare leave usage rate, with the aim of enabling officers and employees to achieve work-life balance and strives to develop an environment where talent from diverse backgrounds can flourish.


Example Initiative>
・Tokyu REIM regularly monitors leave usage conditions and urges supervisors to encourage employees who take few days of yearly paid vacation to use their vacation time and promotes the use of at least 5 days of paid vacation each year, which is mandated by law.




















<Example Initiatives>
・Holding workshops for all officers and employees
・Conducting interviews with suspended/reinstated personnel
・Holding interviews with officers and employees who are suspended/reinstated with the aim of discussing work-style preferences and consulting with them and developing a work environment that will enable the individual in question and those around them to perform their work while understanding each other’s perspectives.

Main Initiatives

  • Holding Diversity Training (2023)
    Training is conducted for all officers and employees (including temporary employees) for the purpose of providing an opportunity to think further about diversity promotion in the workplace.

    Diversity training (2023)

  • Sponsor Initiatives
    The sponsor, Tokyu Corporation, has issued the Tokyu Corporation (Consolidated) Declaration of Diversity Management,” and by pursuing organizational development that leverages diversity, it is working to develop an environment where employees are free to make use of their abilities and will feel passionate about their work.

  Please refer to this page, about diversity and inclusion (D&I) at Tokyu Corporation.

Respect for Human Rights

◆Human Rights Policy
As part of its commitment to meeting its obligation to respect human rights, the sponsor Tokyu Corporation created a “Human Rights Policy” to fulfill the corporate social responsibility stated in the group’s philosophy, which is based on the Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights adopted by the United Nations Human Rights Council. This policy was discussed and approved by Tokyu Corporations’ Management Meeting, approved by its Board of Directors, and signed by its President & Representative Director. As a consolidated subsidiary, Tokyu REIM shares the policy and aims to realize a sustainable society and enhance its corporate value through efforts to respect human rights based on the Human Rights Policy.

Please refer to this page, about the Human Rights Policy.

Tokyu Group’s Contact Points for Dialogue with Stakeholders
As contact points for its customers, Tokyu Group handles inquiries by phone and mail or via its website and has established the Tokyu Customer Center, which accepts feedback and requests.

Please refer to this page, about the Tokyu Customer Center.

Labor Standards

◆Labor-Management Relations
A labor union has not currently been organized at Tokyu REIM, but employees elect a representative and various labor-management agreements have been signed. The sponsor Tokyu Corporation has also signed and committed to the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC), of which one of the principles is “freedom of association and effective recognition of the right to collective bargaining.” As a member of the group, Tokyu REIM supports the 10 principles of the UNGC as well.

At Tokyu REIM, labor-management relations are proceeding smoothly, and in the past three years, there have been no large mergers, acquisitions, layoffs, etc.












Tokyu REIM recommends that employees who work more than 60 hours of overtime a month consult an occupational physician. In addition, HR personnel report overtime hours each month to division managers, and through appropriate labor management, the company aims to comply with the 36 Agreement and maintain the mental and physical health of employees.

Paying Wages Exceeding the Minimum Wage and Respecting Equal Pay for Equal Work 
Tokyu REIM pays wages that exceed the legally mandated minimum wage, as well as pays wages that take the cost of living into account, which will lead to improved living standards. It also applies a compensation structure that complies with equal pay for equal work and does not pay different wages based on gender.
Tokyu REIM has established an evaluation-based pay system for each employment grade, and appropriate assessment is carried out based on employee performance. Bonuses are given twice a year, in summer and winter, and the amounts paid are determined according to work results.

Labor-Related Violations and Incidents
At Tokyu REIM, no labor-related violations or incidents impacting stakeholders have occurred (FY2022).

Data of officers and employees