Tokyu Bancho Building

Tokyu Toranomon Building
A new large office building with high office specifications.

Portfolio Data

Address 6, Yonbancho,Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Nearest Station Approximately a three-minute walk from Ichigaya Station—JR Chuo Main Line, etc.
Total Land Space 2,754.18m2
[Land included in the property trust totals: 2,573.80m2]
Total Floor Space 15,834.55m2
[Exclusive ownership area of compartments under compartmentalized ownership pertaining to property trust: 11,431.09m2]
Structure /Floors S,11F
Completed September 2011
Type of Ownership Land-Proprietary ownership
[Quasi-co-ownership interest of trust beneficiary interest: 49%]
Building-compartmentalized ownership
[Quasi-co-ownership interest of the 95.1% compartmentalized ownership
interest of the trust beneficiary interest: 49%]

Press Release

Press Release on Acquisition

Notice Concerning Acquisition and Disposition of Properties(Tokyu Bancho Building, Tokyu Saginuma Building and Tokyu Saginuma 2 Building)

*The above-referenced information is based on Semiannual Report for 28th fiscal period ended July 31, 2017.

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