<Stakeholder engagement>

 TOKYU REIT and Tokyu REIM advance contibution towards creating a sustainable society through the establishment of a good relationship with various stakeholders.


Information Disclosure to and Dialogue with Stakeholders

 Information disclosure to and dialogue with stakeholders are implemented.

<Major initiatives>


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・IR Library
Individual Unitholders


Improvement of Safety and Comfort of Tenants

 Tokyu REIM has implemented various activities to improve safety and comfort of tenants.

<Major initiatives>

・Renovation of rooftop

  ・TOKYU REIT Toranomon Building (2016)

  ・Tokyu Bancho Building (2020)

・Attraction of food trucks for office workers (Setagaya Business Square, Tokyu Bancho Building)



・Promoted disaster prevention and BCP measures (each property)

・Conducted a disaster drill (Setagaya Business Square, 2019)

Contribution to the Development of Communities

 Tokyu REIM has implemented various activities to contribute to the development of communities.

<Major initiatives>

・Provided part of the property for “SBS Christmas Concert” in which local schools, culture groups, etc. participated (Setagaya Business Square, 2019)

・Provided part of the property for a local event “Machieki Live in Yoga” (Setagaya Business Square, 2019)

・Flower art made in cooperation with Setagaya Ward (Setagaya Business Square, 2019)

・Installation of community bicycle (Tokyu Bancho Building, 2018)

・Installed disaster-relief vending machines (each property)
 Installed 17 vending machines that can provide goods free of charge at the time of emergency including disasters in 7 properties (as of July 2021)



Allocation and Development of Personnel Sufficient in Both Quality and Quantity

 Emphasizing the following points under the recognition that human resources is the base of asset management and intending to strengthen organizational capability to pursue the best interests of customers by deploying and developing human resources that are sufficient in terms of both “quality” and “quantity”.
(1)Sincerity and sense of ethics
(2)Assessment ability backed by deep knowledge and insight into investment target areas and real estate
(3)Sufficient ability to communicate with stakeholders

・Status of officers and employees (Tokyu REIM)

◆Training program
Implemented various trainings targeting all officers and employees
・Compliance training : 7 times (actual results for fiscal 2020)
・Training by job class (expansion of online training service)

◆Support for the acquisition of qualifications
Supported self-development of officers and employees through improved system to subsidize expenses for acquiring and maintaining qualifications
<Total number of people who used system to subsidize expenses for acquiring and maintaining qualifications>
Fiscal 2017: 9, Fiscal 2018: 10, Fiscal 2019: 24, Fiscal 2020: 27Fiscal 2021: 5 (as of the end of July 2021)
<Major qualifications>
・5 Real Estate Appraisers
・23 Real Estate Notaries
・7 ARES Certified Masters
・6 Certified Building Administrators, etc.

Creation of a Healthy Organizational Culture and Work Environment

 Tokyu REIM has implemented various activities to create a healthy organizational culture and work environment.
<Development of comfortable work environment>
・Holding of health committee(Once a month)
・Interview with officers and employees by industrial physicians
・Paying for the entire amount of flu vaccination expenses
・Implementation of stress check
 Implementation rate Fiscal 2017: 100%, Fiscal 2018: 100%, Fiscal 2019: 97%, Fiscal 2020: 95%
・Making “taking 5 consecutive business days off” mandatory/Allowing leave to be taken in shorter increments
・Percentage of employees taking annual paid holiday Fiscal 2017: 71%, Fiscal 2018: 74%, Fiscal 2019: 82%, Fiscal 2020: 65%
・Enrichment of childcare and nursing care leave system, short-time work system, etc.
 Number of employees taking childcare leave 2017: 1, 2018: 2, 2019: 1, 2020: 4, 2021: 1 (as of the end of July 2021)
 Number of employees utilizing short-time work system 2017: 2, 2018: 2, 2019: 3, 2020: 2, 2021: 3 (as of the end of July 2021)

Initiatives on the health and safety of employees amid the COVID-19 crisis
Established in-house rules on remote work/shortened working hours and staggered working hours
Promoted utilization of IT such as online meetings
Promoted the use of NewWork (Note) (satellite office)
Provided vaccination opportunities at workplaces
Installed thermal cameras to check the body temperature of those entering the room

 (Note)  Jointly used satellite shared office for corporations operated by Tokyu Corporation.