TOKYU REIT and Tokyu REIM conducts asset management that seeks growth, stability and transparency, with an ultimate objective of maximizing unitholder value. As TOKYU REIT believes that environmental consideration in its operations and adequate disclosure of such efforts will be even more important for achieving the objective, it has established its own “Environmental Policy,” implemented the policy in daily operations and communicated with investors and others on the activities.


Introduction of 100% renewable energy (2021)

Introduced 100% renewable energy at 87.9% (25 properties) of the total floor area of all the 31 properties under management excluding land with leasehold interest (as of the end of July 2021)

(Note)  The estimated figures based on the actual results for fiscal 2020 are indicated. Moreover, greenhouse gas emissions at properties at which occupying tenants or building management associations directly concluded contracts for electric power supply and demand with power companies (4 properties) are not included in the calculation of the estimated figures.

Reduction of Energy Consumption and Greenhouse Gas (“GHG”) Emissions

Tokyu REIM has implemented various activities to reduce energy consumption and GHG emissions.

<Set target>

<Major initiatives> 

・Efforts on heat countermeasures utilizing the Tokyo Metropolitan Government’s subsidy business (Note) (Setagaya Business Square, 2019)
 Development of facility reducing road surface temperature and rise in temperature

・Laying of heat insulation interlocking block
 Easing the rise in temperature at walking space by changing to paving block suppressing the rise in road surface temperature by a maximum of approximately 15℃

(Note)Business of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government subsidizing expenses for the development of facilities responding to heat and possessing advanced technology, etc.


・Installation of bio-shelter
 Creating a new cool spot by installing benches with a mist maker and plants



 ・Major construction work related to reduction of energy consumption
   (fiscal period ended January 2021 (FP 35) & fiscal period ended July 2021 (FP 36))

 ・Renewal of air conditioning equipment
 (QFRONT, Lexington Aoyama, Setagaya Business Square, Tokyo Nissan Taito Building, 
Akasaka 4-chome Building (Tokyu Agency Inc. Head Office Building), Kojimachi Square)

 ・Switching to LED
 Progress rate of switching to LED at exclusively owned office area : 61.7%

  After construction work for switching to LED(Setagaya Business Square)

・Renewal of elevators
 (Setagaya Business Square, Tokyo Nissan Taito Building)

 Setagaya Business Square


・Implementation of energy conservation diagnosis by external business operator (TOKYU REIT Shinjuku Building, fiscal 2018)
 Implemented/Discussed measures to improve management based on the results of the diagnosis.

・Promotion of greening (Setagaya Business Square, 2017)




Reduction of Water Consumption and Waste

Tokyu REIM has implemented various activities to reduce water consumption and waste.

<Set target>


<Major initiatives>

・Implementation of construction work to improve energy efficiency
 ・Renovation of restroom (Setagaya Business Square, Akasaka 4-chome Building (Tokyu Agency Inc. Head Office Building))
 ・Promotion of effective use of water resources through the reuse of miscellaneous drainage
  (Setagaya Business Square)